My Shop
Welcome to my shop. Please feel free to look around if you like and see where I create my knives and steel.
Some of the equipment I built myself and some of it I have modified for my own use. I even built the two
buildings that house my shop with my own hands. You can see that knife making requires proficiency in a
number of varied disciplines - a learning process that never ends.
Big Blu power hammer. Air hammer with
a 110 lb head, hitting at up to 245 bpm.
This hammer has run flawlessly since
day one. Thanks Dean and Josh. Visit
the Big Blu website.
My shop from the outside, under
some magnificent oaks on my
property. Very tranquil...
A couple of shots of my shop with the
roll up door open. Forge in the
foreground, designed and built by me.
My old JMH anvil, press and dies on
the wall. Through the back door is my
grinding and buffing room.
My 59,000 lb Hydraulic press,
designed and built by me.
Those are dies hanging on
the wall next to it.
My vintage 3 hp Gorton Mill with X, Y &
Z power feeds. With the introduction of
the Haas CNC mill to my shop, this mill
is used strictly for milling out damascus
billets and other heavy cutting chores.
Bandsaw, drill press. No explanation
needed here.
Leblond 15x30 engine lathe. 3000 lbs
of power and precision. This machine
is capable of removing massive
amounts of metal or turning a small
part to within a fraction of a
thousandth of an inch.
Brown and Sharpe No. 5 Hydraulic
Surface Grinder. This is the most
versatile surface grinder I've used. The
hydraulic feeds are infinitely
adjustable, so I can hog out damascus
billets or precision grind a beautiful
finish on a blade with unerring
accuracy. Is it wrong to love a

Surface grinder in action. Precision
grinding a large folder blade.
back wall with additional wheels, slack
respirator is a must in here...belt and
platen attachments. A respirator is a
must in here...
CNC Mill - My new Haas TM-1
Vertical Machining Center. Making
parts and takin' names...
cutting bandsaw. 18"
throat, blade welder,
air pump, work lights,
gravity feed. 1700 lbs
badass saw.